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Condo's, small, medium or large home, multi-family or multi-dwelling unit, we have an inspection for you!

Starting pricing of just $195 for Condo's where we are only inspecting the interior through Fee Simple Condo's where you are responsible for exterior maintenance or a complete home inspection, even multi family or multi unit inspections. We have a great price for you along with great service. As we want to provide you the very best possible service. All of our Property Inspections include several warranty policies, see our "WHY US" tab for details. We also use high quality equipment for the most effective inspection to include Infrared Thermography which is included at no additional cost. Give us a call today for your quote.

 Starting at $195 for Condo Interior

Radon Testing

Potential for Radon can be an more of issue in different Georgia

Radon can be an issue anywhere in Georgia especially in Gwinnett, DeKalb, Fulton, or Cobb. We use top of the line Radon CRM Testing Equipment which allows us to give you a report generated on site when we pick up the equipment just 48 hours after placement. This equipment accuracy is within 5 to 7% where canister accuracy falls to within 25% but likely more depending on the lab processing the canisters. CRM Equipment is far more accurate. We believe that the more you know will better assist you in making determination to test and what type. We can assist and provide you with additional information but encourage you if you have concerns to evaluate the research available online. Click the learn more and we'll provide some links to get you started.

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 $125 with Property Inspection

Mold Testing

Several options available

Professional collection equipment used to collect sample for conclusive lab results and report using the IAQ MegaLite Pump and sampling cassette. This procedure gives the best sample but other methods are available. We recommend the the IAQ MegaLite Pump and this test can be completed in about 15-20 minutes per air sample. With the complete test, we include 3 air samples for $295. We will then send that to the lab and after a short processing period we will provide the lab report that will include a breakdown for any particulates found.

Sampling count

 $295 Includes 3 Air Samples, overnight shipping of samples to lab, lab fee's, report, and 90 day Mold Safe Guarantee.

Home Energy Report

Includes cost saving analysis

Our Home Energy Report provides informative insite to your home energy efficency and potential cost savings. We will prepare the report based on our findings while on site during your home inspection. Just let us know you would like to add the Energy Audit prior to our starting and we can collect needed information during your home inspection. We will then compile that information and provide that in a seperate report. Currently the cost for this very informative and potentially money saving report is a true value at the introductory price of $19.95. Each Home Energy Report™ comes with a free, online Home Energy Book. Readers can also access the eBook through their Home Energy Report™. This is a limited test which includes an analsis report from data gathered during the inspection. Test does not include Blower Door Testing for air leaks and would be typically performed during a full Energy Assment.

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 $19.95 Seperate report